Dianese McClafferty is A THEIF AND *** ARTIST

Dianese McClafferty of Beautiful Hair Forever and Diannx Hair is a Indian Hair supplier located in California. She fast talk her way into your life and represents herself as a decent child of God, BUT beware, she is a THIEF and will with no conscience take your order, collect your money and you never hear from her again. She has ripped off several people in the human hair business so please be aware before u do any business with her.

Dianese McClafferty of Diannx Hair and Beautiful Hair Forever is a THIEF, *** ARTIST, she is ***, please all beware

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You can contact me yardysis@gmail.com


You can contact me at yardysis@gmail.com





Please DO NOT do any business with her. I contacted her through her website and she came across as a very nice, willing to help you out in the business, and so attentive to whatever it is you need. She fast talk her way into your life and that should have being a sign, but I missed it!! She will do whatever it takes to make your business a success and so on and so on!! a bunch of bull!!!

I really liked her after speaking with her for months before doing my first order and when I got the order I was not pleased with the Indian hair, too many short pieces, which was worthless to me!! BUT, because of the casual business relationship that developed between us I gave her the benefit of the doubt and reordered. She called me every single day up until the day I sent her my money and then POOF!!! she vanished liked a *** in the wind! I never heard from her again, it really hurts because I thought we connected on a business level. I am a small business owner and she stole a couple thousand dollars from me!! She is wicked, she has no heart. I am not the only one she has done wrong, BUT if she does not do right by me I will be a thorn in her side till the end of her days!!

I will do whatever it takes to stop her from doing this to another hard working small business owner, so please listen to me and don't do any business with her!! Another thing she does is bad mouth anyone that has a bad experience with her! do your research and call them. I did that...

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